August 4, 2021

1 minute read


is the now famously known combination of MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS, which has emerged as one of the leading technology stacks for developing dynamic web and mobile apps, By the end of this course, you can make the most of JavaScript to create websites and apps that are high in performance, unbeaten in quality, and easy on you.


  • Learn NodeJS with Express and ES6+
  • Learn ReactJS
  • Connecting ReactJS with NodeJS, Express & MongoDB
  • Build a project from scratch
  • Implementing Authentication & Authorization
  • Add File Upload to ReactJS + Node/ Express Applications

What you should know

  • Programming in any mainstream language (preferably Javascript)
  • Strong familiarity with HTML5 and CSS

Fees: Rs 5,000/= (Admission) & Rs 8,500/= (Monthly)

(Sponsorship available on limited seats for deserving candidates)

Timing: 4pm – 6pm

Duration: 3 Months