Must-Have Soft Skills For Software Developers

Must-Have Soft Skills For Software Developers

May 19, 2022

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Software developers are in high demand as, according to statistics, Worldwide IT enterprise software spending was around $500 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $550 billion by 2022. As a software developer, it is crucial to be equipped with coding skills and knowledge of software development processes. Still, it is also essential to have excellent soft skills to communicate and collaborate with your team and clients effectively.

Every year we see new graduates looking to get into the technology industry. According to statistics, the number of engineering graduates in the workforce has been growing at 1.44%, from 4.48 million in 2018 to 4.54 million in 2019. Being equipped with soft skills is very important for developers as this enables them to grow professionally, keeping in mind that organizations value employees who can efficiently communicate and collaborate with multiple stakeholders.

This blog will discuss the top soft skills for software developers. So let’s get started!

What Soft Skills And Why Are They Important?

Soft skills can easily be defined as the ability to interact amicably with others. These are the personal attributes that affect relationships, communication, and interaction with others. Soft skills can prove to be invaluable to business success as, according to statistics, 30-40% of future jobs will depend on social-emotional skills.

Outstanding soft skills determine a person’s ability to work with others and can positively affect your career. Developed presentation skills, networking capabilities, and etiquette awareness can help you win new clients, while your abilities to resolve conflicts and solve problems can help improve relationships with colleagues and clients. You can complete projects smoothly and deliver excellent end-products by developing strong leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills

It is now essential for software developers to be equipped with excellent soft skills as, according to statistics, 97% of employers in the UK say that soft skills are the key to business growth and success.

Here is a list of the top 10 must-have soft skills needed for software developers.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution for software developers is a must-have soft skill. Developers usually work in teams; disagreements are inevitable when a group of intelligent and innovative people works together. The differences in opinion on how to approach a project are often the cause of conflict between teams. As a software developer, you should be equipped with the ability to resolve conflicts, build consensus, listen with empathy, and develop a plan to work together.


Teamwork is crucial for the success of any project. As a software developer, you’ll need to work with different teams of developers and designers and also collaborate with clients and users. According to statistics, 85% of the companies’ employees and executives have stated that lack of teamwork is the primary reason for project failure. To create a unified team, define the roles and responsibilities of each team member, build trust within the team, encourage frequent communication, give team members autonomy in decision-making, and try to get to know your team personally.


You need to be creative to develop original and innovative software development ideas. The best ideas and solutions often come to us when we approach things differently. To be a software developer that comes up with creative solutions, you need to think out of the box and not be afraid to voice your thoughts to the room. You can increase your creativity by creating a brainstorming wall, experimenting and documenting, and discussing problems with people from other fields and experiences.


Leadership skills for software developers are crucial if they want to see themselves as a leader of a project or their team in the future. Leadership refers to the ability of an individual to manage a company and positively influence others to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. To be an efficient leader, you need to be confident, responsible, empathic, visionary, and a good communicator. You can improve your leadership skills by understanding your strengths and weaknesses, staying focused, and helping others. You can also take courses from places like Udemy, Open Learn, and Alison to learn leadership skills.

Time Management

Time management is a critical soft skill when it comes to software development. You have to constantly work under pressure to meet deadlines with fuzzy requirements, give estimates, and complete projects while working in diverse teams. Only by applying time management skills will you be able to meet your deadlines successfully. You can use time tracking apps like Harvest, Clockify, etc., and experiment with methods like Pomodoro to improve your time management skills.


Software developers require communication skills as communication is essential when working remotely or onsite. According to statistics, communication is among the top 3 most sought-after skills. You need to have the confidence to speak clearly during meetings and communicate with audiences with different levels of technical and business knowledge. Try not to interrupt others and be an active listener during meetings to improve communication and clarity. Written communication is equally essential in the workplace as most communication with colleagues occurs through Emails, Jira, or different documents. To improve your written communication, keep your emails and documents concise, brief, and straightforward.


Accountability is all about owning your mistakes. Mistakes are unavoidable, and everyone makes them. So instead of hiding your mistakes or blaming them on others, you should take responsibility for it and strive to learn from those mistakes and correct them. This practice will enable you to develop empathy toward your team members, promote a non-judgmental team culture, and build a relationship of trust with your manager and colleagues.


According to statistics, 35% of company executives believe that good emotional intelligence will become a requirement in the workplace by 2022. Empathy is all about putting yourself in others’ place and understanding what they’re going through. Being empathic enables you to connect with your teammates and also helps you know the audience that will interact with the product you’re building. Empathy also enables you to become a great leader for your team.


Another soft skill for engineers is to appear approachable. If people don’t feel like they can approach you, they are less likely to ask for help or include you in discussions. People are more likely to work for you than against you if you establish a rapport with them, share their interests, and know them personally. This practice will improve your communication skills and help establish an open and learning relationship with your teammates.

Presentation Skills

Preparing and giving presentations is a crucial part of software development and a must-have soft skill. As a developer, presentations enable you to explain and pitch your ideas or strategies to your teammates and clients. But giving a presentation in front of the whole room can also be an extremely anxiety-inducing act for some people. So to be a confident presenter, you need to know your topic well, practice in front of the mirror, keep an engaging pace, adopt a calm tone,  and eliminate filler words. These tips will help you become a good presenter and a confident public speaker.

Impact Of Improving Soft Skills

The World Economic Forum has suggested that by 2025 complex problem solving, creativity, people management, and emotional intelligence will be among the most critical skills in the workplace. Soft skills are essential for getting jobs as organizations now seem to expect people to know how to behave on the job and work with people.

Soft skills have helped improve relationships within and outside the teams, resulting in beneficial collaborations between colleagues. They have also significantly impacted the sales processes and customer experience as these skills equip the relevant teams with the desired behavior they need to work with different types of customers. With significant impact in various organizations worldwide, soft skills have become crucial for landing a well-paying job.


So these are the top ten soft skills that are a must-have for software developers. At ConsulNet Corporation, we offer a variety of programs and also focus on teaching soft skills to ensure placements and career growth. You can see our programs here.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.