10 Reasons to Build a Career in Tech

10 Reasons to Build a Career in Tech

October 28, 2022

6 minutes read

The world of IT is growing very fast, and it is creating new businesses and jobs in technology everywhere. The global tech markets are changing rapidly. There are lower barriers to entry as the jobs are skill focused and don’t need you to have a degree to work in tech.

There are a lot of new job openings as the demand for skilled workers is growing. Thanks to the Internet, software development and technical skills can be quickly learned online or through specialized boot camps. People slowly realize that having a degree in technology is no longer necessary to start building a career in tech.

The Global Tech Scene

The US contributes to 35% of the global tech scene. It is expected that by 2030, jobs in the tech scene in the US will increase by 34%. At this growth rate, tech leaders worldwide are concerned about the increasing demand for talented workers and the low supply. In 2020, the US faced a 162 billion USD revenue loss just because of a shortage of competent workers in the tech sector.

If you are reading this article, there is apparent global demand for people like you. The international tech scene has grown so far and wide that there are broad scopes of opportunities for everyone and numerous benefits of pursuing a career in technology. You have to find the right thing to learn, and you can aim to have a fulfilling and enjoyable career in tech with excellent pay. But before we list why you should consider a career in tech, let’s look at Pakistan’s IT industry.

The Local Tech Scene

Pakistan’s tech scene was quite small until 2010, but it is quickly growing to its true potential. At growth of about 70%, our IT industry is one of the most rapidly growing in the world, contributing 1% of GDP at about 3.3 billion USD.

There has recently been a boost in investments in tech startup ecosystems worth more than the past six years combined. Naturally, there is a hiring boom and an upcoming shortage of skilled technical workers. Over time, Pakistan has also become a hot destination for technology outsourcing and freelance work, so the benefits of pursuing a career in technology are not just limited to full-time jobs. With that, let’s dive into why you should start a career in tech!

1. New Opportunities

The tech industry has gotten huge, is growing globally, and benefiting millions of people. So far, it is clear that choosing a career in technology has never been easier. Businesses worldwide have embraced digitization, and many industries are adapting fast to the advantages of technology. This is creating thousands of opportunities with new kinds of jobs that did not exist before. For example, banks now have digital marketing departments, schools have online teaching facilities, and governments provide services online.

2. Remote Work and Flexible Hours

Remote work is becoming increasingly common in this new media era with online meetings and fast communication. Experts carry out their jobs without having to be location-bound. Companies are recruiting more quickly than ever in all markets to meet the need for technological talent. Remote work preferences among applicants are also on the rise, with more than 90% reporting a bias for such employment.

3. Merit-Based

The IT industry operates solely on merit. If you are good at what you do, you will succeed and rise through the ranks. No one is judged by who they are or where they are from. The only judgment is based on their skill and talent. Everyone has the right to express themselves and is encouraged to do so openly and frequently. People can make their paths to leadership by working hard, being intelligent, and presenting original ideas that have the potential to make the world a better place.

4. Global Recruitment

Tech corporations have begun to spread their operations to various regions worldwide. Companies are searching for skilled workers far and wide, aggressively looking for prospective expansion prospects. In 2020 it was estimated that global markets were expected to absorb 150 million additional tech employees over the next five years, with many traditional roles becoming tech-enabled. So there are very few challenges for skilled professionals to get remote jobs and work from home for clients who live in other countries.

5. Lower Barriers to Entry

As technology spreads rapidly, it has become very easy to learn about it using free online resources. Blogs, accelerators, mentoring programs, meetups, and other educational opportunities are easily available—allowing newcomers to tap into expert knowledge and get to work faster. To have a structured learning experience, one can quickly join a boot camp or a short course to get started in the right direction.

6. Creativity and Learning

IT is the most rapidly growing field in human history. You can still learn new things even if you are an experienced IT professional. This is what makes career opportunities in tech so attractive. For older people, it is very fulfilling to be in an industry that allows them to be creative and learn diverse skills. For younger people, it is never too late to start! Since IT is based on merit, you may begin your IT career today and work at the same level as someone who is ten years older than you. It does not matter where and when you start a job in IT. There is always something new to explore with brand new experiences and tonnes of potential.

7. Potential of Youth

Compared to older people, youngsters have a much better shot at pursuing career paths in tech. Most older people stay away from jobs branded as “tech” simply because they feel that they can not understand how the technology works. A tech job provides enormous potential for the youth because they are more energetic and quick learners. They have grown up with technology as a part of their everyday life and are more eager to explore. With resources being available online and payscales in tech being high, there are no reasons for youngsters to not pursue career paths in tech.

8. Not Limited to Coding

There are diverse career opportunities in tech, including various non-technical career choices, from writing to administration and even design. Learning to code is excellent, but not everyone wants to do it daily. So you check for non-coding positions that could better suit your interests and talents. The tech field is vast, and numerous skills and occupations do not require coding. Only minor technical expertise is needed to start a tech job, which can easily be learned, and practiced. These positions include Design, Writing and Communication, and Project and Product Management.

9. No Restrictions

Businesses worldwide understand that adapting to technology is the key to success. In small, day-to-day operations and large year-long projects, almost all industries are using tech in some way. There is a universal demand for individuals from all walks of life to understand ad use technology. There are no restrictions or limits to the use of technology. Even if you do not have a job directly in the tech sector, chances are that despite your choice of career paths, some amount of technical skill will be required. In the days to come, every business will be a tech business. That is why it benefits you to build a career in tech.

10. Better Payscales

In a survey done in 2021, it was expected that for multiple reasons, the payscales in tech would rise globally in 2022. If you look at the payscales, there has never been a better time to be in the tech sector. In 2022, the average salaries of tech employees in the US will be well above 100,000 USD. Because of the flexible opportunities that the tech sector provides, these figures will only go up.


At this point, you should not be asking yourself why choose a career in technology? Instead, ask yourself why you should not. If you are looking for a place to start learning about tech, you can look here. You can start learning right now and set realistic goals for yourself. At ConsulNet, we offer numerous training and guidance opportunities and follow your career even after graduating. With ConsulNet’s program CodeGirls, we have successfully placed nearly 200 jobs in the IT industry.

So what are you waiting for? Start your career in tech now! We hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.