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CodeGirls Bootcamp

Empowering girls and women through a community-funded boot camp on coding and business skills.

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KPSIAJ and ConsulNet Corporation have collaborated to launch the Skill Enhancement & Educational Development (S.E.E.D) program.S.E.E.D is…

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TechLab is another program offered by ConsulNet Corporation it is sponsored by Engro Foundation and WeConnect. In…

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Basic IT Course

Excellent course for people stepping up to gain digital skills. It covers everything from Windows Explorer, security…

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Web Development

Kickstart your front-end development career today! (Includes HTML, CSS, Js, JQuery, and Python with 2 projects.).

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Learn everything from installing WordPress to developing a responsive website using Divi theme.

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Learn to develop business applications and server-side programming for Cloud Applications using PHP.

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Pre-requisite: Frontend development skills (HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery) In this course you will learn to build modern…

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Learn to create cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more using Flutter.

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Learn all about software testing and quality assurance tools and processes for both web and mobile apps.

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Build powerful interactive applications with React, a popular JavaScript library.

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Mazin Mahmood

I have had an incredible journey learning at Consulnet. It is my pleasure to be a part of this institute. My progress has improved multiple folds due to the upskilling opportunities I got at Consulnet. I aspire to be a star trainer at Consulnet to give back to the place.

Sajjad Ali

It was one of the best learning experiences I had at Consulnet. The training provided is entirely based on industrial projects and practical ways of finding solutions. The classes are very interactive and expand our knowledge. Overall experience is excellent. The guidelines given by the trainers were excellent. If you want to optimize your Software Engineering skills, it’s my suggestion to join Consulnet.

Dua Zehra

Enrolling in CodeGirls (a program by ConsulNet Corporation) was a great experience and highly worthwhile. The course outline is rigorous and challenging, but at the same time - a ton of fun. Beyond the fantastic instructors, well-balanced curriculum, and remarkable peers, the program equipped me better for my career than my University did. If you are passionate about technology and willing to put in the effort, this boot camp would be a great fit.

Tawassul Zehra

I am a graduate of Codegirls. I admire Ms. Shamim and Ms. Faiza for taking this great initiative to help girls learn to code. I started at stage zero, having no idea about coding. This course helped me build up enough knowledge and skills to transition into well-paying career. The trainers are very approachable and available to help at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get accepted into the program without a coding background?

The prerequisites vary from program to program.
For the frontend/website development course and any CRM admin/developer course applicant must:

  • Be 18+ yrs
  • Have completed education up to 12th standard at least
  • Be able to clear our admission test.

For all the other courses, some background in programming is a must.

What is included in the admission test for the frontend/ website development course?

A written aptitude test with MCQs including questions from English, Maths, and IQ. You can prepare from any college aptitude test samples available online.

Will I get a certificate after completing the program?

Yes – we will give you a certificate.

Is there a fee waiver/ sponsorship for students?

CodeGirls is our entirely sponsored program. You only need to pay Rs. 1,500 at the time of enrollment if you clear the test. Out of that, Rs. 1,000 are returned if you have maintained 80% or more attendance during the program and have cleared the assessments.

Other programs are not entirely sponsored. However, our fee structure is subsidized with respect to the market rates of other programs.

On top of that, we offer a limited number of sponsorship spots for students who meet our financial support eligibility criteria.

How can ConsulNet Corporation help me in career development?

The curriculum of our programs is designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia. We continuously add new/up-grade existing modules to incorporate the in-demand skills.

Once you enroll at ConsulNet Corporation and even after graduating, you will continue to get updates about workshops/webinars/events that we organize in collaboration with our partners and collaborating organizations from the industry.

How many hours per week are required for these boot camps?

Usually the programs require 6-8 hours of on campus involvement for the classes and another 6-8 hours for home assignments.

Where can I call/email for more information?

Call/Whatsapp us at 0333-3654348 or email at

Is this program onsite only?

Website development tracks are currently offered on campus only as we feel that students benefit more through hands-on interaction with the trainers.

However, we are planning to introduce technology tracks that will run online/ in hybrid model. Information will be updated as the tracks are introduced.

How can ConsulNet Corporation help me in finding a job?

The IT industry has the highest absorption rate when it comes to jobs. We offer courses with respect to the skills most in demand in the industry. Equipped with the right coding and technical skills, your chances of availing a job increase manifold.