Why you should join a Bootcamp

Why you should join a Bootcamp

May 12, 2022

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Over the last decades, the technology industry has transformed at an unprecedented pace, and with this digital transformation, the need for people with technical skills has increased. This is especially true in fields like Information Technology, where companies are always looking to find the next generation of talent. To keep up with the high-tech world, having the right technical skills is essential. While plenty of resources are available online to teach these technical skills, they often lack the necessary structure, support, and accountability. That’s where coding boot camps come in.

Coding boot camps have seen a meteoric rise in popularity recently and have become a popular way to learn how to code and gain the right technical skills. According to research, the global coding boot camp market, valued at $399.91 million in 2018, is projected to reach $889.37 million by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.70 percent from 2019 to 2026 alone. These intensive programs teach you everything you need to know to get up to speed with essential programming languages and frameworks. Companies that once relied on traditional methods of recruiting new employees are now turning to coding boot camps to find the right talent.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding Bootcamps are intensive, selective programs that teach people programs like full-stack web development, data science, app development, and UX/UI design in a relatively short amount of time that typically lasts around 12 – 16 weeks. They can be a great alternative to a Computer Science degree for people who want to learn how to code, as they offer a more hands-on learning environment and shorter time commitment.

Bootcamps can be found worldwide and vary in terms of cost, location, curriculum, and teaching style. There are online and on-campus coding boot camps across the globe. Below given is the list of the top three coding boot camps in the world:


Founded in 2012, Coding Dojo is an online boot camp that has helped 8000+ students advance their careers in tech. One of the only boot camps to teach three full-stack technologies in a single 14-week program. The graduates are hired by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and more.


Founded in 2012, Hack Reactor provides immersive software engineering education, career services, and an extensive network of professional peers. To date, the school has more than 7,000 graduates hired by more than 2,500 companies worldwide, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.


With a deep understanding gained from over eight years and more than 4,500 graduates, their programs are designed to give the same experience and, most importantly, the same successful outcome online or on-campus. Students and employers have consistently regarded them as one of the best coding boot camps globally. A few of the 2,000+ companies where the grads get hired include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

Top Seven Reasons You Should Join A Coding Bootcamp

Coding boot camps are a great way to introduce coding and other technical skills you need to succeed in the job market. They are a quick way to change careers and expand your skill set by allowing you to learn the basics of coding, such as Python or JavaScript. They are not just for beginners but are often offered to people with experience in other industries who want a career change or those who have been working in tech but want a more specialized skill set.

This article will outline the top seven reasons you should attend a coding boot camp. These reasons will help you make better decisions for your tech career or a possible career switch. Let’s get started!

1. Industry Practitioners As Trainers

Teaching yourself to code is possible through online resources but what you miss is having access to a practitioner as your trainer and mentor. This support is available through qualified trainers who are working as developers and can give you excellent insights into technology as well as work processes. They also provide feedback on projects and assignments, which helps the student improve faster.

2. Job Placement

Many boot camp providers have a career services team that helps you find a job. They are plugged into the industry and have connections to employers. They will help you with creating your resume, cover letter, and portfolio, give feedback and set up mock interviews.

3. Make Connections, Build Friendships, and Network

Aside from structured learning, boot camps are an excellent place for making connections, building friendships, and networking with professionals. With pair programming, you can work on projects with like-minded peers, interact with instructors and mentors, and develop your ability to communicate your ideas and solutions. This helps build communication, conflict resolution, and project management skills, which are essential for growing your career in any industry.

4. Growth Opportunities In Tech

Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. No matter where you start in IT, there are numerous opportunities for career growth. These boot camps have multiple options to offer. After graduating, you can work for technology companies, other organizations with IT departments, or as a freelancer.

5. Learn At A Fast Pace At a Low Cost

Only a coding boot camp gives you the option to learn a marketable skill in a shorter period at a fraction of the cost of most undergraduate programs. These programs can help you learn practical programming skills and not pay for a four-year CS degree.  You can easily get a junior-level position, leading to a high-level position with dedication and hard work.

6. Soft Skills Training Through Workshops

Soft skills are essential components of a resilient, empathetic, and motivated workforce. It cannot be understated, whether for inward or outward-facing communication. Most boot camps invite industry experts and arrange workshops for soft training skills. These sessions help participants improve their communication, problem-solving, and team management skills.

7. Bootcamps Are Perfect For Beginners Who Want To Become A Freelancer

The courses offered by boot camps are ideal for anyone who wishes to start freelancing in the tech industry. If you are seeking greater control over your career progression or planning a complete career pivot, a boot camp will provide you with everything you need to get started.

How Can ConsulNet Help?

Considering the above reasons why joining a boot camp is essential, ConsulNet can help you learn these technical skills and build a career in the tech industry. It is a group of passionate and ambitious minds working to redefine vocational training in IT skills.

CodeGirls by ConsulNet is a women-only coding boot camp to improve gender parity in Pakistan’s tech industry. Partnered with United Global Initiative and WomenInTechPK, it started in 2018 with more than 800 graduates and around 200 job placements in the top companies like Genetech, Contour, 10Pearls, and more.

My Experience With CodeGirls

This boot camp served as the push I needed to set my foot back in the industry after a wide career gap of more than a decade. With no background in tech, learning coding and other technical-related skills led me to technical writing—the perfect fit for me. A tech career has helped me pursue my dream of working as a Content Writer at Genetech Solutions, one of the leading software houses in Pakistan.

Launch Your Coding Career Now

Bootcamps, like any other education, require you to invest time, effort, and finances. At ConsulNet, you’ll get out what you put into it, and our team will help you along the way, from the admissions process to graduation and even in job hunting.

Ready to take the next step in your career and become a developer? Get in touch with us, and let us help you kick-start your tech career soon.